Hello Everyone!

This is Jimmy Skadal and I am so happy to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with all our customers and anyone who may be checking out our website.  This year has been a very crazy and fun year for my wife, Stephanie and I. We have managed to move into a new house, start the dog boarding business, and have our first child all in the last six months. With our new blog I hope to share many details of what makes Country Acres Dog Boarding run.

So where did the name Country Acres Dog Boarding come from? Stephanie and I both grew up in rural areas of Eldridge Iowa and loved the many acres of land that we had the opportunity to play, work, learn, and grow up on. Stephanie’s rural neighborhood growing up will always remind her of her childhood, like being thirteen years old and purchasing her first horse.  Those hours spent brushing and riding him will always be cherished, especially since he passed away this last summer. With all the great memories associated with her childhood home known as Country Acres, we agreed it would be a perfect name for our new home and business here in De Witt Iowa.

One thing that some may wonder is, “Why would we want to run a dog boarding kennel?”. Well, my wife and I love animals, we love taking care of dogs, and there is nothing better than living in the beautiful rural setting of Dewitt Iowa. My wife, Stephanie, has loved animals since she was very young and has a gift when it comes to working with them.  After I graduated from Iowa State University in 2011, she decided to pursue a grooming certificate. Prior to moving to Dewitt and opening the kennel, she was the pet groomer for Scott County Animal Hospital in Eldridge.  She also loves to work with our two Boarder Collies (Riley and Bandit). We also have the two horses on the property that Stephanie has trained. As for myself, I have always wanted to own and run my own business. I work as an Electrical Engineer, and help out as much as I can in the evening and on the weekends with the dogs.  My combination of love for animals and ability to understand the more technical side to the business, makes my wife and I the perfect team. The fact that we live on the property also allows Stephanie to take care of our daughter while taking care of all those doggies in the kennel. With all the work the goes into Country Acres, at the end of the day Stephanie and I know that we are in the right place because we know that we love what we do. We have been blessed in so many ways and are excited to see what is in store for us in the future.