With the winter now in full force, we all need to pay attention to the temperature outside and how these dangerous conditions may affect the safety of our pets. If your pet is kept outdoors during this time of year, there are some important things that your pet needs to have in order to stay safe. The following are some pointers for winter pet safety:

1. Proper shelter from the cold temperatures – Dogs need to maintain a body temperature of about 102°F. If your pet is in the cold too long, he or she could suffer from hypothermia.

2. Heated water supply – With the cold weather, regular water bowls can freeze very quickly. Without proper water supply your dog can become dehydrated.

3. A good supply of food – When your dog is in the cold, make sure that there is plenty of food for them to eat. When an animal is trying to keep warm, the body will burn more calories than usual.

4. Plenty of inside time – If your dog usually lives outside, or in an unheated building, bring your dog inside for the night is sometimes the safest place.

5. Plenty of love! – On a cold day a little extra cuddles goes a long way. This is a good one for any time of the year.

We wish you and your pets a safe winter season this year. Remember, here at Country Acres dog boarding we always have a warm and loving place for your dog.