Two Commercial Greenhouses for sale! These two buildings would be great for starting a business or for personal use. Both greenhouses are built to handle snow fall and up to 70 mile an hour wind loads. The buildings have heaters, exhaust fans, and also are completely enclosed. The fronts are built with doors that allow access to the building. Both units are about 6-8 years old and are still in great shape.

Small Greenhouse : 30′ x 60′
This unit includes irrigation pluming, a thermostat controlled exhaust fan, electrical breaker panel with wiring / lighting, roll up sides, sun shield netting, and large propane Lennox heater.

Large Greenhouse : 30′ x 100′

This unit includes irrigation pluming with automatic (sun controlled) watering system, two industrial sized thermostat controlled exhaust fans, thermostat controlled air flow vents (front), mounted internal airflow fans, water heated nursery tables, large watering tables, two Lennox propane heaters, an electrical breaker panel with wiring / lighting, sun shield netting, and three rolls of replacement plastic.(There has been some minor damage to the large greenhouse’s front corner  since these pictures were taken, it is nothing that cannot be fixed, but I wanted to let you know.)

At the peak both greenhouses measure at about 12 ft. ClearSpan Gothic Cold Frame 30’W x 12’H is the frame type. Below is the link to on for a new greenhouse kit.;ft_greenhouses-ft_commercial_greenhouse_kits-ft_solarstar_greenhouse;pg106306sn_106313SN.html

I totaled up the amount of money to fix the damaged area from the farmtek website and here is the summery:
Motorized Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters 48″ – $330
ClearSpan Gothic Cold Frame 30’W x 12’H(single replacement frame, top to ground) – $180
Perlan Frame support – $15
Polycarbonate and wood on greenhouse front – $110
Estimated total for repair: $635.00
All parts that are damaged can be replaced!

Both units are covered with 2-layer heavy duty plastic, which includes a plastic cover air  pump system to create a better insulated surface. Three Plastic new packages of plastic are included with the purchase. See the pictures for more info on plastic.

The buyer is responsible for tearing down and transporting the purchased greenhouse. Please see the pictures for building details.

Price: $12,000.00 OBO

Please email me at if interested!