Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Yes. All of our employees have been trained in the proper way to administer medication. Please make sure that the dosage is clearly written down. We do not charge extra for this service.
Yes. We request that you bring your dogs regular food. We have a refrigerator/freezer to accommodate frozen, raw or specially cooked meals. You just need to provide us with all necessary food.
We need to have a current vaccination record from your vet with the due dates for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. We also require a topical flea treatment be applied before they come in.
Bring their regular food, treats, toys, a blanket or bed, something from home with a familiar smell, like an old shirt you have worn or an old blanket they have laid on.
Yes. The boarding area is air conditioned and dehumidified. In the winter it is heated by radiant heat in the floor.
We let the dogs out multiple times a day between 6:30 am and 9:00 pm.

Yes. We encourage tours and we schedule tours by appointment.

Absolutely. We encourage you to bring any kind of treat that you dog is used to having. Toys and rawhides are great for dogs who like to have something to chew on.
Yes. Our runs are big enough to bring a crate if your dog is used to having one. We will take the door off or leave it open so they can have access to it at any time.
Yes. We allow dogs from the same household to be in the same run together as long as they get along at all times. If we have to separate them, you will be charged for two separate runs. If they are in separate runs, they can be right next to each other and be let out at the same time.
No. We provide bowls that are on a daily cleaning maintenance schedule. If you bring your own stainless steel bowls, we can not keep track of 50 different bowls, and glass or ceramic bowls can break.
No. All of our runs are indoor only. We have set it up this way to maintain personal contact with each dog every day. It also allows for better climate control.
During our regular hours of operation. Please see our hours on our boarding information page.

NO.  We do not allow tours during the drop off process as it gets your pet along with the other dogs too excited.