[list icon=”ok”]Air Conditioned  The boarding room is air conditioned and dehumidified in the summer.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Radiant Heat Floor  The entire floor is heated so the warmth is right where it is needed. This provides a much healthier environment than with forced air heat.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Large Enclosures  We have three different sizes of enclosures for your doggy. We can accommodate any size dog from a toy to a king. Our runs are completely indoor so that we are able to see the dogs at all times. We also allow dogs who live together to stay in the same run and have playtime together.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Outside Time  Each dog who stays with us is taken outside three times every day. We have two large, secure fenced areas attached to the building where the dogs are allowed to go out to run around and for potty time. To keep your dog on a regular schedule, our last let out time is after 7:00 at night.[/list]


We charge a flat rate for all dogs, any size.

Single Occupancy – $18.00 per day      
Double Occupancy – $30.00 per day

Charges begin the day the dog is dropped off, no matter what time it is. “Per day” means that we charge for each day a kennel is reserved. For example, if a dog is dropped off on Monday afternoon and then picked up on Tuesday afternoon, that kennel is reserved for two days. We do not charge per 24 hours. If a dog is dropped off during our afternoon hours, he or she will go outside for potty and playtime two more times before bedtime. We take care of each dog before and after our pick up and drop off hours.

[list icon=”ok”]We match the run size to the size of the dog. Comfort is a top priority![/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Double occupancy is considered with two companion dogs in the same run.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Companions are dogs who live in the same house. When boarding with us, they may share a run and must get along at all times, especially during meal time.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]If companion dogs do not get along and need to be separated, the single rate will be charged for each dog.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]We do offer a 10% discount on any stay of 10 days or more![/list]



We are open for pick up and drop off during the following hours:

Monday – Friday     8:00 am – 11:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Saturday                   8:00 am  – 10:00 am and 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Sunday                      4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

If you absolutely are not able to schedule your pick up or drop off during our normal hours, we can make off-hours arrangements. If we are able to accommodate you, there is an additional fee of $40 for this service.



For the health of our guests, all dogs must be current on the following vaccinations:

[list icon=”ok”]Rabies[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Distemper/Parvovirus[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Bordetella(canine cough)   This vaccination is given to dogs who are around unfamiliar dogs to help prevent upper respiratory infection (like a flu vaccination). You will need to check with your vet to assure your dog has had this vaccination as it is not required by law yet.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]Flea Treatment  This is required from April through November. Drops or chewable tabs are acceptable. We do not want your dog to come in or go home with any unwanted guests![/list]



[list icon=”ok”]We strongly recommend that you bring enough of your pets normal food to last through their stay with us. A sudden change in their diet can be very hard on their system. Therefore, if you do not bring their normal food, there will be an extra charge of $5 per day.[/list]
[list icon=”ok”]We encourage you to bring some of their own things to comfort them. Blankets, chew toys, and treats are all welcome, however, we do not guarantee their return condition.[/list]