About Country Acres


Country Acres began business in 2003 under the name of Boylan Farms. The journey began when Bob and Lori Boylan decided that the location East of De Witt would be a great place to set up shop. They purchased the land when it was just a corn field. The home was moved from the lot next door and completely renovated inside and out. Bob’s love of roses and plants led to the establishment of the two greenhouses which have gone through various stages of a retail/wholesale nursery. The land was lovingly toiled over and developed into a beautiful, peaceful location to live, work and raise a family. After many years of running Boylan Farms, Bob and Lori decided that it was time to relocate and pursue other opportunities.

Skadal Family-4In 2012, Jimmy and Stephanie Skadal saw great potential in this opportunity and decided to purchase the farm.

So where did the name Country Acres Dog Boarding come from? Jimmy and Stephanie both grew up in rural areas of Eldridge Iowa, and loved the many acres of land that they had the opportunity to play, work, learn, and grow up on. Stephanie’s rural neighborhood growing up will always remind her of her childhood.  With all the great memories associated with her childhood home known as Country Acres, both Jimmy and Stephanie agreed it would be a perfect name for their home and business here in De Witt Iowa.

The reason that Jimmy and Stephanie took on the task of reopening the boarding facility is because of their love for dogs. They both love taking care of dogs while living in the beautiful rural setting of Dewitt Iowa. Stephanie has loved animals since she was very young, and has a gift when it comes to working with them.  When Jimmy graduated from Iowa State University in 2011, Stephanie decided to pursue a grooming certificate. Prior to moving to Dewitt and opening the kennel, she was the pet groomer for Scott County Animal Hospital in Eldridge Iowa.  She also loves to work with their two Border Collies (Riley and Bandit). Jimmy and Stephanie also have two horses on the property that Stephanie has trained. When Jimmy is not taking care of dogs, he spends his time working as an Electrical Engineer for IAS, a division of Shaw Electric.  The combination of love for animals and the ability to understand the more technical side to the business, Jimmy and Stephanie are the perfect team for Country Acres. The fact that they live on the property also allows Stephanie to take care of their daughter while taking care of all those doggies in the kennel. With all the work that goes into Country Acres, at the end of the day Stephanie and Jimmy know that they are in the right place because they know that they love what they do. Who knows what the future has in store.

Jimmy and Stephanie have a mission to create a safe, comfortable environment for the dogs the come to stay in their kennel. They want to do everything they can to provide a place where someone can leave their dog and know with confidence that their canine family member will be treated with respect and loved during the time away from home. Choose Country Acres Dog Boarding and your dog will be happy you did!